JRD Industries established in 1993, belongs to one of the oldest and most experienced Ship Recycling groups in India, having recycled more than 250 vessels over decades in all ship recycling ports in India.

JRD Industries (Plot No.30) is a state-of-the-art ship recycling facility located at Alang, holding Statement of Compliance to Hong Kong Convention 2009 from Lloyd’s Register and Class NK and Certificate of Compliance to EU Ship Recycling from Class NK and Lloyd’s Register.
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We focus on the environment, workers’ health & safety and keep the ship owners advised on these parameters fully.

Our Mission

To operate a facility where happy, safe and trained workers recycle ships with best possible equipment, infrastructure and processes even beyond regulatory requirements to minimize impact on the environment.

Our Vision

The Ship Recycling Industry has moved from buying a ship, recycling at the lowest possible cost, and then selling the materials at a higher cost TO providing world-class Ship Recycling Services to owners and regulators who demand such services.

This is a paradigm shift and we intend to remain at the forefront of this change.

Our History

Business Model

JRD recycling standards and cost structure are different from other ship recyclers. Accordingly, we are able to do business with very few ship owners.

Our business model has moved from a Commodity Trading venture to providing a Quality Ship Recycling Service.

  • We recycle one ship at a time.
  • End-to-end recycling in one location.
  • No Backyard.
  • Easier to maintain uniform high standards through the entire process.
  • Material movement is a single linear flow; minimum handling for maximum safety.