labour block

JRD Industries is a Ship Recycling Yard,

What we do at JRD in addition.

  1. We have built a separate block with RO based clean drinking water facility, adequate number of toilets and a resting area for the workers.
  2. Another building houses the accommodation for supervisors and also contains some of the largest and most well equipped Training and Medical rooms in Alang.
  3. Because the yard is completely covered with concrete in all the processing and storage areas, there is virtually no dust in the yard . The atmosphere is probably the cleanest possible.
  4. Workers are given two paid breaks of about half an hour during the 8-10 hour working day.
  5. Completely free medical facilities for any need , whether caused by work or otherwise is available to all supervisors and long time workers.
  6. These people are treated with respect and courtesy along with best in class wages. Many workers /supervisors in spite of being temporary , will prefer to stay at the villages when we have no ship at our yard.
  7. Permanent Staff are with us for decades. We have many father -son -uncles working together at our plot and perhaps , this is a material endorsement of our facility by people who spend their lives working in it.

Future Plans

  • Residential accommodation with canteens for all workers
  • Concretisation of the entire yard
  • Construction of ramps and purchase of heavy duty cranes to ensure that all sections are taken directly from the ship to impermeable flooring . The felling of blocks in the intertidal zone is eliminated.