Impermeable Yard Design

JRD Industries is one of the few yards where the entire facility floor is RCC, and all operations are done on the impermeable floor with appropriate effective drainage.
Impermeable steel covering of the inter-tidal zone. JRD Industries has a completely impermeable double-layered steel structure placed in the inter-tidal zone to ensure operative slag and debris collection during recycling.


230 MT Heavy Lift Crane

Operating on the shore side of the facility, this crane enables us to lifts sections directly from the ship and places them on the impermeable designated cutting area without any interaction with the marine environment.


Slag Collection

Slag generated from cutting operations on the ship is collected effectively using large slag collectors.


Sealing of Bulkhead

JRD has special measures where we ensure, no water ingress in the ship during recycling. Artificial bulkheads are welded above the tide line to stop any ingress of water.